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We can Postpone or even STOP your Foreclosure/Eviction

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  • We have successfully Helped defend hundreds of clients against foreclosure.
  • We are experts in foreclosure law and can use that knowledge to drastically slow down the process and, depending upon your situation, stop the foreclosure process altogether and save your home.
  • You are not alone! We will stand by your side every step of the way and guide you through this difficult process 
  • Your bank has Experts Helping Them, SO SHOULD YOU!


  • You have rights We Can Postpone or Even Stop Your Eviction
  • Don’t Let Your Landlord Force Your Eviction, You Have Rights!
  • Many tenants fall victim to illegal practices from landlords and companies.
  • If you are behind in your rent or have broken your lease, WE CAN STILL HELP!
  • Your time is limited. You must act immediately.
  • Call us NOW to delay or even STOP your eviction TODAY!

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  • We’ve experienced many situations and have successfully defended thousands of clients and helped save their homes.
  • Every client’s case is unique and comes with its own set of particular challenges.
  • We evaluate every situation with your specific objectives in mind and develop a customized game plan to fit your needs.
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Facing Foreclosure or Eviction?

Facing a Foreclosure or Eviction is a frightening and nerve-racking experience. It’s also extremely confusing.  Should you just walk away and surrender your home or fight to keep it? What about bankruptcy? Is Chapter 13 an option? What about mortgage modification? And what mortgage modification program is right for you?

We’ll lay out all your options. Our approach is to learn everything we can about your entire financial situation. Your situation is unique, and so are your needs. We need to get to know you to get the “big picture.”

We’re committed to offering cost-effective, practical solutions to your Foreclosure or Eviction problem.

Whatever Your Situation, We Will Postpone Your Foreclosure or Eviction.

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Landlords can't just lock you out, even if you are behind on rent. They must get a court judgment first. We have the experience to help guide you through the process and defend your rights to achieve the best outcome possible.


Foreclosure Law is extremely complex and requires experience and knowledge to navigate. Foreclosure law is what we do. We have successfully defended hundreds of clients against foreclosure litigation.

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If you are facing the loss of your home through Eviction or Foreclosure, we stand ready to assist you in the fight. Get the Help You Need. We have over 20 years Experience.

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